Peel 3D - The Ultimate Peel 3D Combo

$ 16,145.00

$ 16,145.00

The Ultimate Peel 3D Combo

This bundle includes:

  • Peel 2 CAD (1x)
  • Peel 2 CAD-s (1x)
  • Licenses for Peel 2 CAD (2x)

Not sure which scanner is best for your application? Order both together and save even more! Have a peel 2 CAD for your medium to larger size parts and a peel 2 CAD-S for the smaller ones. You can also combine scans from both scanners for larger objects with high resolution areas! And yes, this offer does include not one but two licenses of peel 2 CAD, Peel 3D's world-renowned solution to go from a scan to your favorite CAD software.

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