gMax 2 Heated Build Plate Set w/ SSR

$ 495.00

$ 495.00

If you are looking to print materials that require a large, flat heated surface on your gMax 2 3D Printer, look no further. 

The gMax 2 Heated Build Plate Set consists of a strong 18" x 18" glass fiber reinforced composite resin print surface manufactured in the USA. This material is as strong as aluminum but as flat as glass.

The gMax 2 Heated Build Plate Set also comes with a high quality Keenovo heated bed controlled by the printer, and a Solid State Relay that allows for superior temperature regulation and heat distribution. 

The 18" x 18" gMax 2 Heated Build Plate Set improves bed adhesion for many materials and expands the range of materials you are able to print with. 

The 18" x 18" (457.2 x 457.2mm) heated build plate set requires only parts:

  1. Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Resin Print Surface. 

  2. Silicone heat mat controlled by the printer. Power: 600W @ 120V. 

Each heated bed comes fully assembled and can be clipped to the aluminum bed carriage using 3D printed Carbon Fiber-PETG bed clips.

Product Contains:

  • Assembled Heated Bed Plate Outlined Above

  • (4) 3D Printed CF-PETG bed clips

  • (4) M5x16 Black Low Profile Bolts

  • (4) 1/4" Washers

  • (1) 6' Power Cord

  • (1) Solid State Relay in a grounded, powder coated steel enclosure. 

Standalone heated build plate sets currently have an estimated 1-2 week lead time.

Made in the USA

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