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$ 3,500.00
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The sky’s the limit with the Beambox Pro 50W Desktop Laser Cutter and Engraver. The most powerful of all the FLUX laser cutters and engravers, the Beambox Pro can handle just about any project and can shape, cut and engrave a variety of materials including felt, acrylic, paper and glass. And with standard features including a built-in HD camera, WiFi connectivity, a closed-loop water cooling system, an emergency shutoff switch and FLUX’s easy-to-use software, you’ll be creating and designing like a pro in no time.

Friendly Software For All

Beam Studio is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. Its intuitive user interface allows you to easily access all the amazing features of your new Beambox. Beam Studio enables multi-computer control and supports JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF files.

Beambox (40W) vs Beambox Pro (50W)

The biggest difference is the laser. Beambox uses a 40-watt laser and can cut up to 10mm, while Beambox Pro uses a 50-watt laser and cuts up to 12mm. The size of Beambox Pro is relatively bigger.

From Your Biggest Ideas To Your Greatest Work

Beambox offers a maximum work area of 40 x 37.5 cm² (15.7” x 14.7”) and cuts up to 10mm thick (varies by material). With our highly integrated software Beam Studio, your imagination is the only limit.

What You See Is What You Get

The built-in camera allows you to preview your design and the work area to make sure everything is perfectly aligned.

Premium Laser Performance

Equipped with premium quality rails, the performance and the durability of Beambox is unparalleled. Integrated ventilation devices prevent the materials from catching fire and extracts smokes and fumes.


Beambox Supports Various File Formats such as SVG / PNG / JPG / DXF / PDF / AI.

Craft Your Favorite Material

Shape, cut, and engrave on an enormous range of materials, including wood, leather, acrylic, fabric, cardboard, stainless steel, anode metal, glass, cement, and much more.

Tech Specification

Models Beamo Beambox Beambox Pro
Dimensions 615 x 445 x 177 mm 800 x 670 x 250 mm 990 x 670 x 250 mm
Weight​ 22 kg​ 40 kg​ 55 kg
Work Area 300 x 210 mm 400 x 375 mm 600 x 375 mm
Work Area Depth​ 45 mm 80 mm 80 mm
Camera Preview Area 300 x 195 mm 400 x 360 mm 600 x 360 mm
Power AC 110V AC 110V/220V AC 110V/220V
Speed 0 - 300mm/s 0 - 300mm/s 0 - 300 mm/s
Touch Panel 1024 x 600 LCD 1024 x 600 LCD 1024 x 600 LCD
I/O Wi-Fi / Ethernet Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Direct Network Cable Wi-Fi / Ethernet
Spec​ 30 W CO 2 Laser 40 W CO 2 Laser 50 W CO 2 Laser
Wavelength 10640 nm 10640 nm 10640 nm
Cutting Thickness 0 - 5 mm (varies by material)​ 0 - 10 mm (varies by material)​ 0 - 12 mm (varies by material)​
Mode Vector / Graphic (monochrome, gray scale) Vector / Graphic (monochrome, gray scale) Vector / Graphic (monochrome, gray scale)
Operating System Windows / macOSX / Linux / Chrome OS Windows / macOSX / Linux / Chrome OS Windows / macOSX / Linux / Chrome OS
File Type JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF / AI / PDF JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF / AI / PDF JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF / AI / PDF

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