4-in-one Rotary Attachment for D1 + Risers (8 pack)

$ 287.00 $ 269.99

$ 269.99

xTool Rotary Attachment-RA2 Pro for D1 Pro / D1 + Risers (8 Pack)

Super Versatile and Functional

You can easily change the structure to process different objects but get the same amazing results.

roller rotary

Roller Rotary

Extra Length Extra Diameter Irregular Cylinders

chuck rotary

Chuck Rotary

Vector Engraving Mugs Tumblers

sphere rotary

Sphere Rotary

Balls Vector Engraving 25mm-100mm

ring rotary

Ring Rotary

Rings Vector Engraving 11mm-70mm

Meet all Your Needs

From home to outdoor, from party to sport, RA2 Pro suitable for 90% daily use cylinders and spheres. Make unique wedding wine glasses and custom jewelry.

Higher Speed and Accuracy

eagle engraved in cork

maximum angular speed

precise control

diameter range

christmas ball engraving

*360°/s speed is for 37mm diameter cylinder.
*The diameter range here is in the case of engraving with Chuck Rotary.

Efficient Vector Engraving

vector engraving

Won't Slip All the Time

non slip

Higher Speed and Accuracy

Compatible with xTool D1 and other laser engraving machines with open structure.


The layout, editing, and control software for common laser cutter. Engraving file format supports NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.



Free laser engraving software that is able to load any image, picture and logo and send to your laser engrave with few clicks.


Small Details. Big Differences.

Soft-pad Jaws

Soft-pad covered on jaws provide a larger friction force, and prevent brittle objects from breaking.

rotary jaws

More Choice for Jaws

xTool RA2 Pro comes with double step jaws and single step jaws. Users can also 3D print their own jaws to work with more objects.

Download 3D File (38mm - 82mm)

Download 3D File (88mm - 112mm)

Separable Level Tool

Keep the center of objects stable all the time, especially for irregular and extra-long cylinders.

rotary level tool
easy to use rotary

Easy to Use

Smart mechanical structure design makes it easier to adjust the support module height and the chuck diameter.


Product Name RA2 Pro
Product Size 321*138*105mm
Package Size 460*182*95mm
Package Weight 2.33kg
Compatible with xTool D1, D1 Pro, M1 and other open laser engravers
Gear Ratio Chuck 4:1
Chuck Diameter 50mm
Engrave diameter range (Use additional risers) Roller: 3mm-198mm
Chuck: 0mm-100mm
Sphere: 25mm-100mm
Ring: 11mm-70mm
Software Laserbox basic

Unboxing & Reviews

Manufacturer Part Number: P5010138

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