CraftBot FLOW IDEX 3D Printer

$ 3,299.00 $ 2,639.20

$ 2,639.20

CraftBot FLOW IDEX 3D Printer

Large Format, Dual Extruder, Professional 3D Printer

The CraftBot FLOW IDEX is the best option for production optimization to create functional 3D printed parts with advanced materials.

The CraftBot FLOW IDEX offers the possibility of the innovative independent dual extrusion, with the concentrated size that fits perfectly into any print farm or industry factory. It is ready to 3D print with multiple materials at once, including soluble support material that opens up design possibilities beyond what a single head extrusion printer can provide. Print speed: up to 200 mm/s

CraftBot Flow IDEX Parts

• Independent Dual Extruder
Duplicate your performance - print 2 objects in mirror or parallel mode

• Large Print Volume
425*250*250 mm - 16.7*9.8*9.8* in

• Uniquely Designed Printing Bed - For Strong Adhesion & Easy Removal
The heated bed comprises of metal, tempered glass and Kapton. This ensures the maximum adhesion during printing, while the flexible top plate makes the removal easy even in the case of very flat objects.

• Mesh Bed Leveling
Simplify the calibration process

• Easy Set Up
It also has a bed leveling wizard which will help you in the calibration process.

• LED Status Indicator
Notifies you the status of your print

• 4GB Internal Storage

New PR3DATOR Motherboard – For Maximum Speed
32 Bit fast for more accurate and precise control. Our mainboard is equipped the industry leading motor control system, extended features and great interface connections.

• Raspberry PI is the engine of the HMI
Enables more flexible developments

• Web Interface, IOT
For the industry 4.0 compatibility

• 5” Color Touch Screen

• Reinforce Steel Frame
Makes CraftBot “Tank”

• Dual Drive
Ensures Better Filament Flow

• New Filament Monitoring Sensor
For the smooth operation

• All-Metal Hotend
Up to 300 degree Celsius
Exceptional quality printings and less filament jam

• Best Warranty
In the industry – 5 years of warranty

Technical Specifications
Power consumption: max. 500W

Physical Dimensions
Build volume: 450 x 250 x 250 mm - 17.7 x 9.8 x 9.8 inch

Frame dimension: 635 x 450 x 540 mm - 25 x 17.7 x 21.3 inch

Shipping box size: 750 x 560 x 700 mm - 29.5 x 22 x 27.6 inch

Operating nozzle temperature: up to 300 °C

Operating heated build plate temperature: 60 - 110 °C


Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Extruder technology

Direct drive independent dual extruder

Build volume

450 x 250 x 250 mm - 28L

Frame dimension

635 x 450 x 540 mm

Shipping weight (net weight)

45.5 kg (35 kg)

Filament types

Open filament

Operating nozzle temperature

180-300 °C

Operating heated build plate temperature

30-110 °C

Layer resolution

50 micron

Web platform, IoT integration

Built in camera

Mesh bed leveling – BL Touch

Rapsberry PI HMI Engine

IoT integration

Magnetic flex metal build plate

5" Color LCD touchcreen

Filament Monitoring Sensor

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