Uniz Slash Plus Ultra-Fast LCD 3D Printer

$ 2,849.00

$ 2,849.00


The SLASH PLUS is perfect for dental/orthodontic solutions, engineering and prototyping. It also gives great flexibility for artists and designers. It is a full-featured desktop 3D printing solution that is compatible with various different resin materials.

In 2016, Uniz3D started a Kickstarter campaign and collected half a million dollars for its high speed and accurate resin 3D printer Slash. From that date, Slash family grew and is updated. As the main model, Slash Plus is updated with 2 cooling systems rather than 1 cooling system at the Kickstarter edition, Slash Pro and Slash DJ2 were added to the family. Slash Pro is the largest volume member of the Slash family offering 400 mm Z height instead of 200 mm and DJ2 has the highest XY resolution and accuracy offering of 47 µm and 10 µm.

According to the 3D printing industry standard, the 3D printing speed is defined as the amount of volume that can be converted into object from input materials per unit of time. Traditionally, low-cost 3D printers are accepted as slow because of their inefficient and insufficient methods of printing the 3D objects. Filament deposition (FDM / FFF) and laser SLA 3D printers are excepted among the slowest due to their need to print the entire model’s layers line by line.

Beside FDM and SLA methods, there is a better and quicker way to build a 3D object geometrically. This is done by projecting each slice into a tank of resin liquid and print it one layer at a time. This method is being used at Digital Light Processing (DLP) and LCD 3D printers and these 3D printers are therefore accepted as the fastest desktop 3D printers in the market today.


This method of polymerization at these type of machines has some side effects to handle. Both DLP and LCD 3D printers’ usage of photo-polymerization, an exothermic chemical reaction, generates a large amount of heat on the thin separation interface in the resin tank. When printing solid objects with large areas at high speed, the temperature on the film can quickly reach 500 to 600 °F (260-315 °C) and damage the film. Due to this problem, both DLP and LCD 3D printers have a limit and can’t go faster in printing in general.

While the optical structure of DLP based 3D printers are limiting its potential of fast printing, the engineers at Uniz developed a solution to cool the interface of LCD based 3D printers by integrating 2 separate liquid cooling system inside the Slash family. With this solution, Slash 3D printers are separated from other resin 3D printers and showed a significant speed increase in 3D printing while not losing any dimensional accuracy and stability. Current models of Slash family can achieve printing speed of 1000 cc/h which was a feature of large industrial machines at very high costs.

liquid cooled



Printing Technology LCD Stereolithography
Build Volume 192 × 120 × 200mm
7.5" × 4.7" × 7.8"
XY Resolution 75µm
Highest Accuracy* ±20µm
Layer Thickness (Z resolution) 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300µm
Profile customizable
Separation Mechanism Polymer film natural peel
Up to 100x more durable than PDMS
Support Uniz smart support technology
Printing Speed 1,000 cc/hr, 200 mm/hr thin-walls
Resin Level Control Automatic level control



Dimension/ Weight 350 × 400 × 530mm [W×H×D]
14" × 16" × 21", 14KG/30LB
Operating Temperature Suggested 18-28°C
Suggested 64-82°F
Power Requirement 100-240VAC, 3A 50/60Hz, 240W
Optical System 5500 (±300)Lux blue LED array
R/I matched liquid cooling
Mechanical Carbon Fiber/Steel Reinforced
Connectivity USB, Wifi, Ethernet


System Requirement Windows 7 and up (64-bit only), Mac OS X 10.7 and up (64-bit only), 16GB RAM, OpenGL 2.1, Discrete Graphics
Advanced Features Multi-printer management
Built-in advanced model repair
Ultra large file support (1GB+)
Compatible Format STL, OBJ, AMF, 3MF, UNIZ
Compatible Systems iPhone, iPad, Android Phone

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